Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mesmerising Oooootyyyyyyyyy - Day 1

    Well.. I have been to many places but have never written the experiences down. The overall experience has always been fresh in my mind but the minute details eventually fade out as time passes. So I thought this time I will write it down when all the memories are still fresh in my mind.

   Four years of engineering went by sooo fast. We had always planned going for 2-3 days trips but it was never executed due to many reasons. One year after entering corporate life we made it happen. Ooty trip was really a very memorable one indeed. It was as usual initiated by ______(any guesses??? LOL). The proposal to go out for a trip came in around Oct end. Nishi and Poo decided on Ooty.. I had already been to Ooty twice before but c'mon who cares. Its the company which matters more :D:D.. Then we had to finalize a date which was convenient for everyone. So we finalized Nov last week. Yipeee we were going :):) Till the previous week no one spoke anything regarding the trip. As usual Nishi was the one who took out the topic:D Then everybody else got the Josh..The cab was booked and we all were set to go :D:D.

  Then we started our very much awaited trip on Saturday morning at 2 AM. It was raining :(The Innova first picked up Chotu and Lala from White Field. Then Kuku, Poo and Nishi. Finally It was 3 AM when they reached my place. We got a new vehicle and an experienced driver who knew the roads and place very well. It was a thrilling experience starting at 3 AM. There were hardly any vehicles on the road. We were the kings of the road. Wish Bangalore was like this always. We touched Mys road in no time. As usual Nishi madam was the most excited. She was looking forward to this trip from sooo many years. The rest of us were normal. Without a doubt the photo session started even before the cab got up to speed :D:D.. hahahahah.. On the way we stopped at Maddur CCD(place which all of us wanted to go together since eng days) at around 3 45. Most of us ordered coffee and tea. Clicked few pics and started from there at around 4 30.

Beautiful scenery on the way to Ooty

The cab was perfect for 6 of us. Kuku in the front with the driver. Chotu and Lala behind. We three triplets at the back :) Lala wanted to sleep but Nishi wanted everyone to talk. :D Then slowly one by one ppl tried to sleep but no one succeeded. :D Nishi and Lala had got a couple of good songs in their pen drive. We played the songs in cab. The sky slowly started becoming blue. The scenery was awesome. Then we entered Bandipur, saw a couple of deers, elephants and peacocks. We eventually entered Tamil Nadu border and Mudumalai forest. It is famous for tigers but we couldn't spot even a single one :D. Slowly we entered the ghat section. The driver took the longer route while going since the other route has very steep hairpin bends. On the way we stopped to visit a view point. We had to walk admist the trees and bushes into the woods. The entire place was covered by mist. It was freezing cold with rain and we couldn't see the scenery around but the place was beautiful. We took a couple of pics and headed back to the cab. Meanwhile Lala was extremely hungry and was craving for bfast. Next after a few km there was a beautiful place which is normally used for film shooting. It was raining but still we all climbed the hill and took pics. It was 10 15 when we reached Ooty. Our driver immediately took us to a hotel called Paradise where we had our bfast. Most of us had Idli and dosa. Lala was happy :D. Then we saw rooms in the same hotel. It was pretty decent so we checked in asap.

Ooty covered with Mist

 After refreshing ourselves we started our Ooty sight seeing at around 12 15. It was raining continuously. The driver was a very nice fellow who knew all the places so it was very convenient for all of us. We first went to see the Botanical garden. Its the most famous place in Ooty which is a huge garden with lots of trees and flowers. We went inside and took couple of pics. It was very cold. All of us had dressed up like eskimos. Nishi had worn 2 sweaters and one jacket, Poo had worn 2 jackets, Chotu was in devanand style, Kuku was in Tommy style, Lala wrapped in 3 sweaters, and myself in 2 sweaters :D:D. After Botanical garden we proceeded towards Rose Garden. This was utter disaster since there were hardly any flowers:D:D. Chotu had taken camera ticket for this one specially so he was keen on taking at least one pic :D:D. We took few pics and left the place asap. This garden is awesome if visited in April and May. Then we went to the Tea Factory where we saw how the tea was manufactured. Did some tea and chocolate shopping and proceeded to Doddabetta. This place was awesome :D:D. It was extremely cold with rain pouring hard. We had an amazing time here clicking pics and freezing in the cold. The place was covered by mist fully. It was already 4 and we hadn't eaten anything. Then we went to a small hotel and had our lunch. Lunch was prepared by one person and he did it pretty fast also.

 Then we went back to our room. For our bad luck there was no power and the poor hotel didn't have generator facilities also. There was no heater also. We were pissed that the basic facilities were not given. We relaxed for sometime and started playing in hotel room. We played truth or dare, chinese whisper, kalla police :D:D Kuku had just started learning guitar then so he was full time playing "Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam". We all sang with him and chotu did a video recording which will become famous soon :D:D:D hahahah... It was soo much fun. I cannot express it fully in words but it was amazing, We all were together and the feeling was very refreshing :) Then we went to have our dinner in the same hotel. Dinner was utter disappointment :( The food sucked and the service was also crappy. They lacked the basic manners which they should have towards their customers. The waiters themselves have no idea which is veg and which is non-veg. They almost made me eat chicken. Thanks to Poo for telling me at the last second. Me and Poo argued with them and Nishi tried to calm us down as usual. We returned back to our hotel room and resumed our playing. We started playing Set which was soo much fun. Poo was slow in the beginning but within no time she also made sets. We played till 1. Then we realised we have to sleep little since the previous night also none of us slept :D We went back to our respective rooms and called the day off :)

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  1. Kavya Good planning but the timing is very un predictable. :P :P
    For more fun in India viist:
    It is near to Jhansi in Uttar pradesh. There are many historical place and dams :) :)